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Energy-dispersive detector systems for XRD applications

Energy-dispersive detectors have been in use on XRD systems for decades, but have always come with caveats. Low energy resolution, Liquid nitrogen cooling, slow start-up and tedious/cryptic tuning controls have limited their popularity in many applications. Silicon Drift technology solves most of these issues and modern electronics covers the rest. The new KSA-SDD system for X-ray diffraction utilizes a full spectrum EDXRF detector which is fully software tuned. The result is a detection system with high enough energy resolution to

Texray Laboratory Services

Texray Laboratory Services provides XRD and WDXRF based analysis services including corrosion analysis, quantitative and qualitative material composition analysis, mineralogical (geological) analysis, industrial hygiene measurements and many other advanced XRD techniques (non-ambient temperature and thin-film measurements). Learn more by visiting the Texray-Lab homepage at

Powder diffractometers – XRD

Complete systems, software/hardware upgrades, on-site service, x-ray tubes and spare parts for Siemens / Bruker XRD instruments. D8 D5005 D5000-Matic D5000 D500 Type-F

PC upgrades for DOS based software packages

These specialized PCs allow the user to continue to run their OEM software with the original interface card while upgrading every other part of the PC. Dual boot with Windows XP makes transferring and backing up your data much easier. On-site installation and data migration are available. Call for more information and pricing.  Don’t wait for a hard drive failure to start thinking about your options.