KS Analytical Systems specializes in service and sales of Siemens (now Bruker) wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) and diffraction (XRD) systems. These systems have consistently proven themselves in industrial and educational institutions to be the most reliable and precise instruments on the market for structure and elemental analysis.

Our goal is to provide an unmatched level of support to our customers with a minimum lead time at the lowest possible price. And with an average time of 24 hours between request for service and a technician arriving on-site, along with the lowest service rates in the industry we’re confident that our goal is being realized everyday.

We offer refurbished systems at very competitive prices coupled with the types of services which are usually only offered on new instruments; including warrantees on every instrument sold, in-house demonstrations before the sale, on-site service after the sale, service contracts, instructional classes and spare parts.

KS Analytical Systems carries a large stock of accessories and spare parts for a wide range of Siemens instrumentation including new x-ray tubes for diffraction and fluorescence (side and end window versions), vacuum pumps, sample changers, aftermarket software and water chillers.

Take a look at what KS Analytical Systems has to offer your company. Whether you’re considering the purchase of a refurbished XRF or XRD system, a service call, or simply need some help trouble-shooting a problem with you current instrument over the phone, we’re ready to assist you.