25mm Zero background sample holder for Bruker XRD systems

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25mm Zero background sample holder for Bruker XRD systems


25mm Zero-background holder.

Compatible with all Bruker XRD autosamplers and single sample stages.

PMMA plastic body material.

Flush-mount plate with flat, polished surface. No powder well.

Contact us with any questions regarding compatibility, performance, or customization.


Zero-background sample holders include a monocrystalline Si wafer which is grown in an orientation that does not diffract throughout the normal angular range of lab-based powder XRD systems with any common emission energy. The effect is that even extremely small volumes of powder can be analyzed without scatter or diffraction from the sample holder obscuring the pattern. We’ve successfully collected XRD data on sample of less than one mg with excellent results.

These are ideal for situations where the available sample volume is smaller than the available sample well in standard holders and also for materials with high transparency to x-rays. For example, graphite analysis is often complicated by the transparency error inherent to that material. Peaks are artificially broadened by diffraction occurring both at the plane of diffraction as well as below the surface of the sample. Mounting the same material in a thin layer on top of a zero-background plate greatly minimizes this effect.

25mm plates are recommended for applications with a starting angle no lower than 5 degrees. Larger plates are strongly recommended for lower angles due to the increase in the irradiated area of the sample holder. Performance with different aperture slits or theta-compensating slits may vary.


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