Sample Preparation Equipment

/Sample Preparation Equipment

McCrone Micronizing Mill
The McCrone mill is the gold standard in sample grinding for XRD and XRF applications. Utilizing 48 cylindrical grinding elements rather than metallic spheres allows for both impact and shearing forces which pulverize sample material to sub-micrometer particle sizes. Agate and Corundum elements are available as well as accessory items.

With agate elements
8075.00 USD

With corundum elements
6395.00 USD

Sample preparation kit
715.00 USD

Sample presses
Benchtop presses and dies are the easiest way to create flat, uniform samples from your raw material. We are proud to offer new Carver sample pellet presses and dies in addition to used stock. Presses may be purchased as manual units or semi-automatic for applications which require the most consistent results over large volumes of samples.

Zero Background Sample Holders
Users with small sample volumes frequently suffer from diffraction data which is cluttered with scatter and aberrant peaks from their standard holders. By replacing the area of the holder which is exposed to the incident beam with a single crystalline material (Si or quartz), these background effects are practically eliminated. These are ideal for Rietveld analysis as they present minimal complications to the modeling.

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