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Pure KA1 XRD with the Johansson monochromator

One of the fundamental facts of lab-based X-ray production is that our x-ray tubes emit much more than the pure KA1 lines we rely on for material characterization and quantification….

Process Overview – Sample Preparation for Zero-Background Sample Holders – With Well

This post is for those who might be new to sample preparation using a top-loading zero background sample holder (with a well for sample material), or for those who are…

Plastic barrier film for air-sensitive sample holders

Revisiting an experiment from 2014 I still reference this post on our laboratory site often so it seems like it deserves a place on the main blog for KS Analytical…

Small, but not insignificant

These are probably the smallest parts we make in-house, but they’re critical to the proper function of about half of the instruments we support. These little bushings support the impeller…

The Ultimate Power Protection Solution: UPS Designs for Bruker AXS Systems by NXT Power

KS Analytical Systems is proud to present a new, total UPS solution for clinical and diagnostic laboratory systems, specifically designed for Bruker AXS, by NXT Power. The Integrity Max &…

Water Flow and Cooling Performance – The Lifeline of a Healthy XRD System

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) systems analyze the structure of materials such as crystals and powders. The X-Ray Tube generates heat from the interaction of electrons in the cathode and the anode….

Filter membrane sample holders for Rotation/Phi stages

The Siemens D5000 and Bruker D8 systems we work with have an optional phi-stage that is very useful. It looks and moves like any other rotation stage, but it’s driven…

New orbital crusher

Much of the material we receive is already finely ground and ready for XRD or XRF analysis, but sometimes we receive bulk material which must be homogenized before we can…

Rigaku D-Max zero background sample holders

This project started with a phone call several months ago from a Canadian government lab. They had a very specific application so the design was driven much more by their…

Introducing the KSA “My First” XRD system

Your little scientist will love the realistic lights and sounds of their very own X-ray diffraction system. At KSA we are firm believers that kids learn best by “doing”. There’s…

Bruker D4 Endeavor on its way out

The D4 Endeavor fits in a unique niche in the XRD world. It’s basically the same thing as a Bruker D8, but built into a very compact cabinet with a…

Hybrid sample holders for Bruker FlipStick Autosamplers

There’s a simple and inverse relationship between the average atomic number of a given matrix and the efficiency with which it scatters X-rays. The effect isn’t all that much different…