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I frequently tell prospective XRD users that while the hardware used to collect data looks much different than it did 30 years ago, the basic principles, intensity, angular resolution are largely unchanged. The earliest Siemens XRD systems we offer generate data that lays right over what we get from a D8 so while there have definitely been some hardware changes, it’s the software that has driven the market forward. We’ve been working with Materials Data, Inc. (MDI) since their earliest days. A lot has changed in the last 25 years, but one thing has remained constant. Their software has always exceeded expectations and we’ve never had a single complaint. Almost every system we sell goes out with an MDI software package or is quickly upgraded.

Our in-house laboratory, Texray Laboratory Services, also offers officially certified training courses in theory, method development and software.

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Datascan 5: Data aquisition, instrument control and simulation.
Datascan 5: Data aquisition, instrument control and simulation.