Bruker D6 Phaser

/Bruker D6 Phaser

The D6 Phaser was released in June of 2023 as the next evolution in benchtop XRD after the D2 Phaser. The D6 builds on the familiar Theta/Theta goniometer and shutterless tube-stand design of the D2 while expanding capabilities to make it much more competitive with traditional research-style systems. The LynxEye detector family, including the flagship XE-T model offer high-speed as well as market-leading energy resolution.

The theta/theta goniometer remains a mechanically locked-coupled system without control of the individual axes, however, an optional “universal XRD” attachment adds an omega as well a Z-axis to enable more advanced data collection like grazing incidence, rocking curves, and XRR

Compatibility with compact non-ambient temperature stages from Anton-Paar allow for data collection at temperatures from -10 to 500 degrees C.

The capillary system includes a repeatable mount as well as tools for rapid alignment off-system. Capillary optics include a primary-beam extension with beam-stop and diffracted-beam slit extension to minimize scatter.

Remarkably, the new D6 is available with generator power up to 1200 watts without any need for an external water chiller making it, by far, the most compact complete XRD system on the market. KSA offers the D6 through our sales agreement with Bruker