MDI Datascan 5.0 with VXD

/MDI Datascan 5.0 with VXD
Datascan 5: Data aquisition, instrument control and simulation.
Datascan 5: Data aquisition, instrument control and simulation.

Datascan 5.0 is the latest version of MDI’s data acquisition and instrument control software. Older OEM software was incapable of displaying scan data in real time, wouldn’t run under newer windows operating systems or simply wasn’t available at all. MDI changed the game with Datascan and gave new life to older XRD systems back then. In the years since, it’s become a premium solution for users who need modern software at reasonable prices. Supported controllers are listed below.



Virtual X-ray Diffractometer (VXD)

Virtual X-ray Diffractomer (VXD) comes standard with all Datascan licenses starting with version 5.0. This powerful tool allows the user to simulate patterns of known materials based on a large number of variables.

  • System parameters
  • Scan settings
  • Generator power settings and anode
  • Detector and discriminator settings
  • Abberations and defects

Supported controllers include:

  • The MDI Databox – Stand-alone automation for systems lacking a computer interface.
  • Phillips
    • PW1710
    • PW1800
    • PW1840
    • PW3710
  • Rigaku
    • D/MAX-2000
    • D/MAx-b
    • Miniflex+
  • Scintag
    • PAD-V
    • PAD-X
    • PAD X1
  • Siemens
    • D500/DACO-MP or Databox
    • D5000
    • D5005
    • Siemac-V