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Jade Pro

Jade 2010 PhaseIDJade Pro is the flagship data analysis option from Materials Data Inc. It includes all the advanced features which were optional in Jade classic wrapped in a new, streamlined interface which is much easier to use. This is a complete rewrite from the ground up with the goal of creating a single application which could perform all common powder analysis techniques seamlessly. There are a number of other changes as well, but Jade Pro has rapidly become the most popular aftermarket analysis software we offer. Jade Pro is now licensed annually with special base pricing for degree-granting academic institutions. Subsequent 12-month renewals are priced at approximately 20% of the initial base price. Multi-year and multi-seat discounts are available.

More information is available in the official Jade Pro brochure available here.

WPF Report

Key features include:

Constant updates to keep pace with current database formats and new features

Qualitative Search/Match (semi-automatic phase ID) compatible with all the latest database formats

Indexing Pattern Simulation

Calibrated quantification

Rietveld (Whole Pattern Fitting) for qualitative and quantitative analysis

Cluster analysis

Flexible license structure which allows for a fixed number of concurrent users with unlimited installations

Contact KS Analytical Systems for more information, demonstration copies, and ordering information.

Jade Standard

Jade Classic has been well-loved in academia and industry for decades now, but the underlying code that had once been cutting-edge was becoming an anchor holding back development. We’re very excited to offer the new Jade Standard suite as its replacement. All of the development that has gone into creating the versatile and user-friendly Jade Pro version has been leveraged to create four new, perpetually licensed (one-time purchase) programs to match the needs of most any lab.

Contact KS Analytical Systems for more information, demonstration copies, and ordering information.

  • Jade Standard Level 1 includes all the basic pattern analysis features one might need as well as some of the advanced simulation capabilities reserved for the old Jade+ (plus) program it replaces.
  •  Jade Standard Level 2a includes all level 1 features as well as the Search/Match option for semi-automatic phase identification. A reference pattern database such as the PDF from ICDD or the AMCSD is required. Contact KSA for help with databases. Academic discounts available.
  •  Jade Standard Level 2b includes all level 1 features as well as the Whole Pattern Fitting (WPF, Rietveld) capability for full pattern analysis. WPF is an extremely powerful form of analysis that can provide insights into everything from structures to phase quantification. Academic discounts available.
  • Jade Standard Level 3 includes all the level 1 features as well as both Search/Match AND Whole Pattern Fitting options. 95% of users would need nothing more to complete all their projects. Academic discounts available.