Full rebuilds for Siemens Autosampler

/Full rebuilds for Siemens Autosampler

The original 40-position autosampler for Siemens D500, D5000, and D5005 instruments is a true workhorse and continues to provide excellent results all over the world. We’ve been working with these for decades and the only weak spot has been the type of motors used in the original design. Shaded-pole AC motors are incredibly reliable, but modern stepper motors offer several distinct advantages:

  • Flexible speed control allows us to finely tune each motion.
  • Torque control gives us the freedom to limit the power to avoid damage if a collision occurs
  • Fine position control can be coupled with built-in timers to optimize motions.
  • High-torque motors eliminate the need for gear-boxes.
  • Eliminates the need for 50 and 60Hz specific motor sets for users around the world.
  • Microstepping drivers create extremely smooth rotational motion.

KSA now offers full rebuild services which include the stepper motor conversion with associated electronics, switch and sensor replacement, rotation bearing replacement, alignment, tuning of the autosampler, and a powder-coat finish to bring it back to “like-new” condition. Contact us for information on this or other services related to Siemens XRD and XRF hardware.