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The Ultimate Power Protection Solution: UPS Designs for Bruker AXS Systems by NXT Power

KS Analytical Systems is proud to present a new, total UPS solution for clinical and diagnostic laboratory systems, specifically designed for Bruker AXS, by NXT Power. The Integrity Max & Pro UPS is a complete power protection solution providing isolation, power conditioning, and backup protection for Bruker AXS systems. Regardless of input fluctuations, the Integrity series ensures that the output remains continuous and regulated. The industry-leading UPS line is built to power sophisticated computer loads–systems with high inrush

Water Flow and Cooling Performance – The Lifeline of a Healthy XRD System

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) systems analyze the structure of materials such as crystals and powders. The X-Ray Tube generates heat from the interaction of electrons in the cathode and the anode. The electrons emitted from the cathode (filament) are accelerated towards the anode – when the electrons hit the anode, they produce x-rays. Keep in mind that the focal “spot” on the anode is most commonly only 12×0.4mm rectangular. The full power of the generator is being dissipated